Working Faster & Smarter with 690 Series Polyurethane

Working Faster and Smarter with 690 Series Polyurethane

It’s amazing when the right tools are at hand, how much faster and efficient you can be. Good tools can shave time off a project. The wrong tools actually add time and keep you working longer.

Productivity matters. If you have jobs that need to be done, why waste any more time using inferior tools?

The new 690 Kitchen & Bathroom cabinets polyurethane paint by Evic is a high productivity paint, helping you, produce continued quality results with effortless ease. 690’s superior flow, leveling, and high opacity make for faster application time, fewer coats required, reducing your time in the booth. Our customers say “They smash it on and let 690 do all the work”.

Smash it on and let 690 do all the work.

Couple this with the fact that 690 doesn’t do patchiness like a lot of other coatings, especially in dark tricky colours and it will always give you that so important, even and consistent gloss level.

Another feature that helps make 690 so easy and simple is only 1 Part B is required for your low sheen finishes all year round. The only change you need to make is changing solvent. 850 Solvent in cool-moderate conditions or our new 890 tropical solvents designed especially for 690 when used in hotter and humid climates. That extremely fast through cure which enables quick, fast packing-times is always there.

Evic is the market leader in polyurethane coatings, providing a lot of the industries favourite and most loved paints for over 35 years, our coatings are uncompromised in their quality and technology making them always an exceptional value for money.

If you take into consideration the number of coats some paint brands require, the time you spend in the booth, the time waiting for it to dry, the number of redos because of patchiness or dust. That adds up to slow production. How much is that costing you?

Evic also employs the very latest surface reacting and nanotechnologies which helps to give you a superior surface, not only during application but something that your customer can feel every time they touch the surface of this beautiful paint finish.

690 Series uses advanced nano-technologoy that can wet up dust particles to suck them into the paint, absorbing residual surface dust.

What every painter loathes, is that large dust particles that can sometimes sit on the top of a freshly painted panel, often marring what would be a good paint job with unwanted specs, or tiny bubbles from solvent trapped un the surface. 690 Series Polyurethane paint uses nano-technology that can wet up most dust particles and then suck the dust right into the paint, absorbing any residual surface dust, leaving you with a perfect finish. 690’s advanced curing process will not give you solvent boil, yet this fully cross-linked system will cure, creating a much stronger film with greater hardness, scratch, and mar resistant. A  finish that you’ll be proud of and one that your customers will love for many years to come.

Is it really saving you time and money or wasting your time?

Working smarter and faster are the results of working with the best tools – so remember when choosing a polyurethane paint next time, is it really saving you time and money or wasting your time? The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweet taste of cheap is forgotten. With Evic’s 690 you’ll be producing better quality results while saving time and money. Evic has proven once again that they are the Market Leaders in the Polyurethane Paint industry, supplying paint all over Australia to those who are also passionate about their workmanship.


Evic polyurethane paint supplies also has technical reps available for in-house or onsite demonstrations if you would like to take any one of the 6 Gloss Levels in the 690 Series Polyurethane for a test run. Just call 1800 781 781 for more info.