Polyurethane Kitchen

When comparing durability and resistance – as well as exceptional good looks – nothing lasts like an Evic polyurethane kitchen.

Polyurethane is a highly durable and prestige choice for kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. It not only looks great, it is exceptionally resistant to conditions normally found in kitchens and bathrooms such as heat, moisture and stains.

When properly cared for, surfaces coated in Evic polyurethane can last for twenty years or more and look almost as good as the day they were painted. In fact, a properly finished polyurethane door can often outlast the hinges it hangs on!

When Durability and Good Looks Count

Polyurethane is the first choice in coating kitchen and bathroom cabinetry where versatility, durability and good looks count.

Not all finishes are created equal. Many may look good, but are unsuitable in moist environments for long periods. Others have no tolerance to heat and will mar or stain easily. Some discolour and blister even under normal conditions. Others still can only be used on flat surfaces, limiting their appeal and effectiveness. No other coating (even other paints) comes close to the versatility, durability and finish of Evic polyurethane.

Improved through decades of experience and dedication to development, Evic polyurethanes are ideal even in extreme conditions for kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. Resistant to stains and marring. Unaffected by steam, excess moisture and constant temperature changes. Without cracking, warping, shrinking or delaminating. And while the finish is not indestructable, it has proven time and again to retain gloss and colour for years when sensibly maintained.

Evic - A Quality Endorsed Company

Quality Professionals use Evic Polyurethane

Evic Paint & Colour Technology has been Australia’s leader in polyurethane for more than twenty years and are the choice “Quality Professionals” use when it comes to polyurethane finishes.

Evic offer the widest range of finishes and textures available in virtually any colour. If you can provide a colour swatch, we can match it. And when it comes to clear polyurethanes for use over timber, Evic offer systems superior to lacquers in every respect for quality applications.

So for durability and finish that lasts, accept only Evic polyurethane.

Extraordinary Resistance Against

  • Stains & Scratches
  • Steam, Moisture & Liquid Spills
  • Variations in Temperature
  • UV Light in Interior Environments

What is the difference between Vinyl Wrapped (Thermo Formed Doors) and a Polyurethane Kitchen?

Vinyl wrapped, (or thermo formed doors), are a coated door that undergoes a heat vacuum process to wrap an mdf door substrate. 2 PAC (Two Pack meaning the paint has a Part A and Part B component that when combined allow the paint to cure), painted doors undergoe a heat set sprayed or cured process with polyurethane as the finish. Both variations can be applied to MDF doors and cupboards.

Vinyl was traditionally considered cheaper and offered a quicker turnaround, and rose to popularity in the early 2000’s, as more kitchen manufacturers were pushing customers for this option. 2 PAC has always been considered the highest quality for finishes, being just as resistant to marring and chipping, with superior gloss levels and variances, and it is available in almost any colour imaginable. The ease of cleaning Polyurethane also is considered much easier.

Because of the nature of the application process for vinyl wrapped or thermo formed doors, the glue used is subject to a lower tolerance of heat, and can quickly “peel” away. This can be more prominent near the oven or stovetops, where heat is often the main factor. They are also highly subject to what is known as orange peel, (an imperfection in the job that doesn’t allow light to reflect and refract as it should), as well as discolouration.

Polyurethane in contrast has a much higher heat tolerance, and is environmentally friendly, as it is cured offsite, and is completely safe for food and food preparation.

If there are any problems with the way the job has been applied, or if a cupboard is damaged, then the polyurethane coatings can just be stripped and reapplied, but it is a lengthy and costly process to strip the vinyl and glues from a vacuum formed door.

Often, vinyl is imported from Asia and does not meet the same standards we require here in Australia, and use a thinner vinyl with different bonding properties. So when choosing, make an informed choice.

Evic’s 2PAC Polyurethane has a 10 year Limited Warranty which is very competitive against many 3, 5 or 7 year warranties offered by the most popular laminating companies.