30 Days to fall in love with the Voodoo VX4000 spraygun

Take our worry-free trial and if you don’t like it, no worries, you can return it. Be warned, once you use the Voodoo for a few days, you’ll look at all other guns with disdain.


30 Days to fall in love with the Voodoo VX4000 spraygun

Colour Coded Air Cap & Pot Breather
Easily Identifiable

The individualised and brightly colour coded Air Cap and Pot Breathers make it easy to identify each guns unique Needle, Nozzle and Air Cap combination.

1.3mm Gold
Gravity Gun Setup

1.4mm Red
Gravity Gun Setup

1.7mm Greeen
Gravity Gun Setup

2.0mm Blue
Gravity Gun Setup

1.3mm Gold Gravity Gun Setup

The small 1.3mm setup makes this gun ideal for most Automotive style Basecoat, Medium Solid 2K Gloss Clear and Gloss Pigmented Finishes. Not recommended for finishes containing flatting agents, texture or higher viscosity.

1.4mm Red Gravity Gun Setup

The 1.4mm setup is a very versatile top coat gun, suitable for most 1K & 2K Coatings, especially Automotive Basecoat, Low Gloss Clears, Medium Solid pigmented and Metallic Top Coats. Not Recommended for high build Primers, heavy industrial and some QD Enamels.

1.7mm Green Gravity Gun Setup

The 1.7mm setup is ideal for many industrial 1K (QD enamel) & 2K Polyurethane Gloss and Low Gloss Top Coats. Primers, including 1K acrylic and 2K Polyurethane, Automotive and Industrial, Glass Finishes and Enamels. Not Recommended for low viscosity, low solid coatings.

2.0mm Blue Gravity Gun Setup

The larger 2.0mm setup allows easy application of many higher viscosity coatings, including Glass Coatings, 1K & 2K Automotive and Industrial Primers – Acrylic, Polyurethane and Polyester types. Suitable for many industrial and high solid top coats and 2K low sheen clears and sanding sealers. Not Recommended for low viscosity, low solid coatings.

Designed in Australia for Australian Conditions
backed by Years in Research and Development

The Voodoo Lineup has been designed by Professionals in Australia, and made for Australian conditions and Evic’s premiere coating system. For four years Evic Group has tested version after version of the Voodoo Sprayguns, evolving the spraygun to a point where we can not imagine replacing it in our booths.

We have worked with professionals all around Australia to refine and hone each component, to make it a truly revolutionary spraygun.

The Evic Group is a quality-endorsed paint manufacturer located in Ingleburn, a south-western suburb of Sydney, Australia.

I was happy with my old gun, until I used a Voodoo.

FM Engineering

Spraying large bathrooms means I’m often in the booth for long times. My Voodoo still feels really comfortable at the end of a long shift.

Logan Leigh Benchtops

I’m really particular when it comes to keeping my gun coal. With other guns, the more I clean it, the more it starts to show wear and tear. My Voodoo today looks just as good as the day I got it.

Marquis Bathrooms

I was amazed at how well they stand up against any other gun on my shelf. This bad boy is here to stay.

Best Kitchens


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Voodoo VX4000 High-Efficiency Gravity Spray Gun(with 600ml Pot)

  • Consistent Spray Pattern
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Designed by Australian Professionals
  • Colour Coded design
  • Save even more when you buy more than 1!




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$290.00 $270.00 $250.00
$290.00 $270.00 $250.00
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