What are Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy coatings are Australia’s most trusted source of coatings, designed for protection, ease of application and being readily maintained, and of course they look gorgeous. Evic manufactures a range of epoxy coatings to suit a number of application requirements, and is time and time again the preferred choice for applicators and specifiers throughout Australia.

Epoxy coatings are renown when it comes to protection, providing protection to concrete floors, preventing entry to oil, grease and other contaminants and provides a readily maintained finish in car parks, workshops, factories, and warehouses.


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Epoxy Coatings aren’t only aesthetically pleasing, but they are designed to last. Evic Epoxy coatings are created to harden the surface of concrete and eliminate dusting. They are resistant to a wide range of chemicals, and provides an economical and hygienic flooring finish for the chemical, food, beverage, manufacturing industries, as well as many others. Our multi-purpose epoxy coatings are also an outstanding general prupose two-pack, solvent-borne, polyamide primer, containing anti-corrosive pigments for excellent undercoat protection for metal substrates.

Only multi-purpose epoxy systems can provide you with an outstanding topcoat with extreme versatility. It can be used on walls, floors and machinery to provide chemical resistance and corrosion protection. It can also be used for concrete ramps and securing stair treads through a Less Slip additive or epoxy aggregate.

Easy to use, with excellent pot life and build it is the ideal product for almost any interior industrial application.

Paintirect Aerosols are being used in many industries

Evic’s epoxy coatings are being used all over Australia, from household garages and factories to International airport hangers, and even in prisons! Be among the thousands of users across Australia to benefit from the innumerable advantages of our multi-purpose epoxy systems.

Multipurpose Epoxy Coatings are being used across Australia