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Smarter Searching

One of the most frustrating things I find on the inter-web, are search boxes that just don’t know how to search. I’ve seen too often the “No results returned” result, time and time again.

We want to continually improve the learning algorithm behind XpressTint, so that it shows you exactly what you are looking for at the top of your search.

To start with, we added a few little features called “alternate spelling names”, and “Priority Colours”. We want XpressTint to know what you are searching for, not specifically “how” you are searching for it. For example, the popular colour Hog Bristle – is it Hogs Bristle? Or Hog Bristel? It has so many different combinations of spelling that unless you spell it correctly, then it won’t show up at all! So soon, you can type Hogs, Hog, Bristel, Bristle, Half, 50%… and XpressTint will know what you are talking about! Clever right?

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