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1500 Series Global Clear Polyurethanes

1500 Global ClearsTimber has never looked so good

1500 & 1508 Global Clear Polyurethane were developed to be easy to apply, fast to dry, while offering a silky smooth finish

1508 Sealer – Ideal for semi – choked finishes, use 1500B for normal application or when faster curing and earlier sanding use with 1508 Part B

1530 Sealer – Ideal for choked finish, ultra clear and suitable for choking even dark difficult timber. Virtually bubble free formula allows for fully choking in 1 day

1500 Top Coats -Available in 3% natural, 15%,  30% and 60% Finishes

Mixing by Volume; 2 Part A to 1 Part B – Thinning 10-20% with 840S Cool conditions or 850S warmer conditions

1508 Sealer A, mix with 1508B or 1500B

1530 Sealer A, mix with 1530B only

1500 Top Coat A, mix with 1500B Only

1702 Series Global Metal Clear Polyurethanes

1702 Global Metal Clears – Non Yellowing Tough Clear Finish

Available in; Full Gloss, 60% and 30% Finish

1702 Metal Clears are exceptionally hard, highly cross linked Polyester/Polyurethane Clears designed to protect interior timber furniture, fixtures that required an extremely durable finish.

1702 Metal Clears can also be used over Evic 692 Kitchen/Furniture Metallic Finish.

Mixing 2 Parts 1702 A to 1 part 1702B.

Thinning; Approx 15% with 850S or 900S depending on conditions

940 CERAMEVIC R Clear Polyurethanes

940 CERAMEVIC R Clear Polyurethanes 

Available in; Full Gloss, 60% and 15% Finish

940 Ceramevic R is an aliphatic exterior polyurethane that has some very clever features.

Ceramevic “R” means Recoatable and Ceramevic R does not need sanding between coats. Even if left for long periods.

Versatile Application;  easily Brushed, Rolled or Sprayed ( conventional spray or electrostatic )

Ceramevic has outstanding adhesion and flexability and will stick to most prepared metals, masonry, timber, fibreglass, powder coat and more. Can be thinned with Evic 920S Adpro Solvent to further increase adhesion to glass, tiles and other difficult substrates.

Mixing Ratio; 4 Parts A to 1 Part 940B


Brush & Roll – Evic 900S Solvent

General Spraying – Evic 830S or 850S Spray Solvents

Electrostatic Spray – Evic 825S Electro Solvent

Glass, Tiles, Alloys – Evic 920S Adpro Solvent



Prices quoted are per unit and exclude GST.


Prices quoted are per unit and exclude GST.