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You put a lot of money and time into your workshop tools. You want to protect your investment as much as possible. Understanding the basic steps for how to maintain workshop equipment can help your tools perform better and last longer. One way to maintain your tools is to keep them clean. To learn how to clean workshop tools that are electrical, check the manufacturer’s instructions.

How to Clean Workshop Tools
Some tools are more likely to get dirty and greasy when you use them. For metal tools, some Dawn dish soap and warm water help to get them clean. It’s safe to scrub solid metal surfaces aggressively to get grease and light rust off. For tools with moving parts, keep some WD40 on hand to eliminate rust and keep the parts lubricated. For power tools, always check the manufacturer’s directions on how to clean.
How to Maintain Workshop Tools That Wear Out
You probably have some basic tools that you use frequently. Instead of replacing the entire tool with the first sign of wear, consider replacing just the part that is broken. For example, you can replace hammer and mallet heads when they become damaged or missing.
How to Organise Workshop Tools
Learning how to arrange tools in a workshop is the first step towards keeping them maintained. Start with a clean workshop and the appropriate storage tools to help you organise everything. Throw out anything that isn’t in working order or that you no longer need. Put tools together that you use on the same types of projects. As you put things into place, examine your tools and clean those that need it.

Think about the best place for each tool. Keep power tools in a place that is protected from moisture, dust, and grease. The first step in learning how to well maintain workshop equipment is making everything accessible and easy to find. Visit Evic Group for the workshop tools you need to complete your shop.