Evic Group Market Leader in Polyurethane Coatings

Are you looking for a polyurethane epoxy coating that can withstand high
temperatures? At Evic Group, we specialise in producing epoxy coatings that meet
industrial standards. Using our coatings gives you an advantage over implementing
normal one-layer substances. When you use a polyurethane epoxy coating, you will:
• Create surfaces that are resistant to high temperatures, making the paints ideal
for kitchen worktops.
• Generate an area that can withstand the strains of tough chemicals, reducing
the risk of staining.
• Enjoy a painting process that involves fast drying.

Unlike heat-cured powder coatings, epoxy is easy to apply. As a result, you can make
multiple applications without exposing yourself to a lengthy process. The fast drying
times and easy applications make these paints ideal for use on concrete, as well as
surfaces that will come into contact with both acidic and alkali substances.

Why choose our epoxy coatings?

Alongside providing epoxy paints, we offer screed, which you can use to fill in gaps.
The products we provide offer protection against grease and similar spills, allowing
you to use them in kitchen and mechanical environments. If you’re trying to enhance
grip in an area such as a stairway or on a path, polyurethane epoxy coatings will
cover you there too.

At Evic Group, we have a longstanding history of supplying our customers with
high-quality goods that far exceed the price you pay. With a team of in-house
experts, we can direct you towards the finishes that will best match your project. To
learn more, contact us on 1800 761 761.

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