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Occupational Health And Safety Equipment
Choosing the right Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), whether it’s helmets, masks or gloves is integral to workplace health and safety. Evic stocks only the best occupational safety equipment at discount prices.

How to Choose a Respirator Mask
The masks that you use to protect you from breathing in toxic substances are some of the most important safety equipment you wear. You might already know how to use a dust mask while mowing grass or sawing wood to keep from breathing in dust or grass. A dust mask and respirator mask aren’t the same things and each has an important use.

You need to understand how to choose a respirator mask that’s right for the job. For those jobs involving toxic fumes, gases, or other types of vapours, you need to learn how to choose a respirator mask that keeps you safe from inhaling toxins.
How to Put on a Gas Mask
Knowing how to put on a gas mask is just as important as having the right one for the job. Make sure the mask fits properly before being exposed to a hazardous situation. Keep your hands away from the eye area to prevent your eyes from getting dirty. Smudges can impair your vision and interfere with what you are doing.

As you pull the mask over your face, slide your thumbs inside so the mask opens fully. This creates a large opening that goes over your head easily. Make sure the straps are straight and centre the headpiece. Press the mask over your face using firm, outward strokes. Give the mask a quick pull to adjust it to your face.

If you work around gases or vapours, you also need to know how to use a gas mask filter. The filter attaches to half face and full face respirators to keep out gases and vapours. An easy locking system makes learning how to use a gas mask filter correctly easy.
How to Clean a Respirator Mask
Knowing when and how to clean a respirator mask will help keep it working properly. Either use a pre-packaged respirator cleaner or immerse the mask in a warm cleaning solution and brush with a soft brush to get it clean.

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