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Polishing Kit & Buffing Machine
Polishing compound is used on a lot of surfaces to create a shinier, more resilient surface. Learning how to use polishing compound on your car can help it look better and protect the finish. An abrasive compound goes farther, removing sanding marks to leave a smooth, shiny finish behind.

How to Apply Polishing Compound
If you are learning how to apply polishing compound for the first time, it’s a good idea to start with a one-step polish. These products eliminate blemishes, remove scratches, and improve the appearance of top coats. Apply the compound sparingly to the buffing wheel. Use slight pressure when buffing the surface. The compound will do most of the work. Knowing this makes it easier to learn how to use a car polisher buffer.
How to Use Polishing Compound on a Car
Most people trying to learn how to use a car polisher or buffer want to give their vehicle a shine. Choosing the right compound and the right type of buffing wheel will produce the best possible results. Buffing your paint can take years off the vehicle’s appearance and minimise damage so you don’t have to paint it.

When you learn how to use polishing compound on a car, follow it up by learning to clean your equipment. If you don’t use a one-step compound, take the existing compound off the wheel before using the next one. The best option is to have a separate buffing wheel for each compound. That makes it a lot easier if you must repeat the entire process.

You can learn how to use a car polishing machine to get professional quality results for your car. Start with the right products and tools to make the job as simple as possible. Once you know how to apply polishing compound, you can shine your vehicle like a pro! Shop Evic Group for top quality polishing compounds for your vehicle.