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New Colour Request Form & News Feed

Most of the time the colour you are looking for on XpressTint is only a few clicks away. Literally thousands of colours are available, at your fingertips.

The amount of colours being used in the modern landscape today however, is vast. So vast, that if we were to count all of the paint sample cards from every manufacturer, at one colour a second, we’d be counting for 34 years, 244 days, 4 hours and 28 seconds.

So until XpressTint becomes self-aware, and can assimilate all this data in a fraction of the time, we have developed a system where you can request any colour from your search screen. This system integrates with our own Paint Matching System, decreasing any latency or delay in creating the colour.

At the footer of the Search Page, you will notice a new News Feed section and the Colour Request form, and is only available for logged in users of the XpressTint community.

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