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iPhone App updates

We’ve been working hard on adding some features to the iPhone application and optimising it for the new models that are available.

Late last year we upgraded our XpressTint engine, (the database that drives the site), to give us the ability to add feature requests and real time, complex mathematical algorithms, so that its more powerful and user friendly. This update on the iPhone synchronises directly with the new engine and removes a lot of the previous problems.

This fix also fixes some bugs that sometimes prohibit sharing on some phones and later iOS versions. It also includes:

  • You can now log in with your own XpressTint account.
  • Search for and store thousands of colours directly on your phone, even if you aren’t connected to the internet.
  • Drag to Refresh synchronisation – the app retrieves only the information that you don’t have on your database! Efficient and Quick!
  • Get notified via SMS/Email
  • Recently requested colours appear on the home screen
  • Enhanced sharing options
  • Low Strength and High Strength icons
  • Full colour preview
  • 3,000 colours in your pocket, and counting!

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