Hints & Tips

How to add a custom Formula to XpressTint

We certainly know some clients are better than most to specify some unusual colours for their jobs. Some times its to match the latest Kambrook kettle colours to their kitchen splashback, or to match an existing cabinet that has been in the sun for the last 5 years, or any one of a hundred unique reasons. So you may need to create your own colour.

Many XpressTint users find it easiest to “eye-match” the closest known colour from the Dulux World of Colour Series III fandeck and then make adjustments as necessary.

To do this, simply start by searching the closest known colour, and locate the “Edit” button in the Detailed View and click the “Edit Tinter Amount” button. (In the List View, the Edit Tinter Amount button is located underneath each Tinter amount).

This will bring up an editable region for you to change the amount of tinter you need. Be mindful to use the same units of measure that you are viewing the formula in. If you are viewing in grams, then you must enter the new amount in Grams also, then click Save. Cancel will revert to the previous version of the formula.

If you need to remove a Tinter, just click the red delete button next to the tinter and click Save.

If you need to add a Tinter, just click the Add Tinter button, and choose the desired tinter, add the amount necessary and click Save.

At the end of your formula modifications, just hit the Favourite button and it will save your new formula.