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Formula Revisions and History

Sometimes it’s necessary to update colour information and formulas. We are always matching and rematching popular colours, to make sure they are as close to the original artists standards as possible.

To ensure that every formula is recreated as closely as possible to the original colour, we sometimes update the formulas on XpressTint. However, this isn’t without a challenge or two in the process.

What happens if you make a colour, then we update the formula, and then you want to recreate the same colour you have already made? Most people use the History button to save a formula, but if you aren’t using the History button, then there is a challenge. You may pick up a revised edition of the formula that is different than your original formula, without even knowing!

To solve this problem, we are launching a Formula Revision screen this week. The Formula Revision screen will notify you if the particular formula that you are viewing has been modified, and will show you when it was modified, how many modifications it has had, as well as all the modified formulas.

Release Notes

When you search for a formula that has had a revision applied to it, you will see a notification message that reads:

“This formula has been updated. Click here to see the revision history.”

Clicking on the text will bring up a new window with all the previous revisions associated with that particular formula for only that Product and Gloss Level that you are viewing. i.e. you are viewing a formula in 640 Glass 30%, then only those revisions associated 640 Glass 30% will be shown.

The formula you are shown initially is the current formula. On the left of the new window, you can see the Formula History. The list contains the current formula, possible previous revisions, as well as when the formula was originally created. The list also shows the date of creation of each iteration.

Clicking on the desired formula will bring it up. You can resize the formula at the top right of the new window, in the usual method.

All other functions, including the Save to History button, SMS, Email, Label buttons, etc, all work as you would expect, and the formula will resize and recalculate the necessary Low Strength to High Strength factors as necessary.

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