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1600 Global Polyurethane

 The first all-in-one polyurethane system. All GLOBAL™ coatings have been designed to give exceptional results at unsurpassed speed and ease of application. Features include fast “3-up” wet-on-wet spraying, rapid cure and exceptionally low cost.

Finishes Available Gloss 80% 60% 30% 15% Metallic Lumina It’s not just another Polyurethane It’s GLOBAL™

  • Easy “3-up” wet-on-wet application, regardless of the GLOBAL™ finish.
  • Numerous GLOBAL™ coatings and finishes in the range.
  • Part Bs and solvents are compatible across the range.
  • Rapid cure and print free times comparable to 850 Spraythane – FAST!
  • Virtual non-yellowing interior durability.
  • Sensational cost effectiveness

Approximately three square metres per mixed litre in practice. Variations to coverage and loss from overspray can occur due to many variables, including: shape and size of the substrate, gun type and settings, gloss level of the product and the colour selected.

Mixing & Thinning

MIX BY VOLUME 2 part of “A” to 1 part of “B” Stir Part “A” thoroughly. Ensure only the quantity that can be applied within the normal pot life is mixed at any one time. Stir thoroughly with a flat blade stirrer (not round) before use.

Thin from 5%-15% Full Gloss & 80%, Thin 15-30% for 60% & 30% Gloss Levels with 850S or 900S solvent (depending on working temperature, conditions and finish used – see below) GLOBAL ™ is designed to give a rapid “peel free” finish. If this has not been achieved, please check that the appropriate solvent has been used in sufficient proportions.

Working Temperatures

1600 Part B selection

Pot Life Estimates

The estimated pot life at 20°C is 4 hours. Higher temperatures will affect pot life. During the pot life the material viscosity will increase. Slight thinning towards the end of pot life may be required to maintain spraying viscosity.

Dry Times

Touch Dry: 8-15 minutes

Print-Free: 2-3 hours

Recoat:3-4 hours (if no sanding is required); overnight if sanding is needed

TIme to Packing: 8-24 hours from final coat

*Started times are based on using 1620B and 850S solvent in normal conditions. All dry times are dependent upon working temperature, part B and solvent selections.

Suggested Equipment

Coverntional Spray Gun: Use a premium two-pack-gun such as the Anest Iwara W200.15 at 275-310kpa (40-45psi).
Pressure Pot: Set pressure to 55kpa (8psi) and maintain gun pressure at 275kpa (40 psi).


Air clean prepared surface, wipe over with a dampened lint-free cloth or tack cloth removing all dust or fine particles. Change cloth regularly.


ALUMINIUM, ZINCALUME, GALVANISED & MILD STEEL (for interior use ONLY): Prepare and prime as per data sheet with Evic 146e Series Etch and Protect Primer. Available in light grey, white and black. If sanding is required, Use 730, 732 or 734 polyurethane primer. Do not use 750, 766 or 774 PE primers over 146e etch

MDF BOARD: Prepare and prime as per date sheet with either:730,732,734 polyurethane primer or use Polyester primers 774 High Flow, 750 Superbuild or 766 UltraSand.

MELAMINE: Properly sand surface with 240 to 320 grit free-cut paper, removing any appearance of gloss. Solvent wash with 8255, de-dust and apply GLOBAL ™ directly.

Warning – GLOBAL ™ does not stick to unsanded melamine. This surface must be prepared correctly (especially in corners or hard to reach areas). Melamine easily wears out sandpaper and further sanding with worn paper only polishes the surface, which makes coating adhesion impossible.

To clean stains, marks or spills from GLOBAL ™ once cured, use any liquid “spray and wipe” type cleaner. Spray directly onto the surface and wipe off with a clean, dry (preferably lint-free) cloth. Alternatively, for cleaning with our chemicals and removing fingerprints and smudging the 3M High Performance Cloth is recommended. (Never use abrasive-type cleaners.)

Because of the huge variations that occur in paint charts, samples, etc., it is your responsibility to ensure any colour we provide is correct or acceptable to you and your customer before you use it.

The Evic Group will not accept liability for any colour once it has been applier. We recommend reading Evic’s Guide to Colour for comprehensive details of our colour matching services and terms and conditions of sale.

LEAD FREE COLOURS: The Australian Uniform Paint Standard requires that all paints used for any furniture application contain less than 0.1% lead by weight in dry film. We encourage all applicators to adhere to this standard when using any Evic Group Product. To Meet this requirement, all GLOBAL colours are manufactured with lead-free pigments. Caution: most bright yellows, oranges and reds will exhibit poor opacity with lead-free pigments. Extra paint ail be required to achieve coverage-estimates for required paint should bear this in mind.

Solid Colours can also be tinted using Evic’s Xpress Tint In-House Tinting System.

GLOSS LEVELS: Products are manufactured to conform to the gloss levels shown ±5%. Levels are read using a 60° head according to AS1580 method 602.2.

Up to 12 months is stored in properly sealed containers. Part “B” is moisture sensitive and should be stored in full containers with minimal air pad.

This is a specialised industrial coating and should only be applied by experienced and competent tradesmen and in accordance with the manufactures specification. Please read Material Safety Data Sheets M1600.

Go to for product and material safety data on all Evic products. Information is also available in booklet and CD-ROM form, or by e-mail and fax transmission. For further enquiries, call the Evic Group on (free call) 1800 761 761.