Custom Aerosol Cans

To find out more about customised labelling and colours, contact your Evic representative, or call on 1800 761 761.

The Australian Outback is no stranger to dynamic and extreme weather conditions. Temperatures reaching high into the forties, huge wind speeds and sandstorms and sometimes frequent torrential rains. Coastal areas are often harsh eroding agents and can easily damage your beautiful paintwork on your machinery. You need a tough, durable, long lasting exterior paint that is not only gorgeous to look at once it is on, but stays that way.

410 Polynamel has long been synonymous with Quick Drying, Durability, Ease of Use and of course, Gorgeous Colour. Paintdirect™ Polynamel is a unique premium coating – with no time limit on recoat – petrol & diesel resistance. Use as a Single Pack or add 410 Hardener and create 410 Plus, with extra Gloss, hardness & durability. Paintdirect™ 410 Polynamel Fleet Finish is the ideal coating for earth moving, transport, trailers, agricultural equipment and industrial machinery. Suitable for structural steel which require longer exterior durability than standard Q.D. Finishes.

Now you can have your own paint sampled and matched with our state of the art matching equipment, and created into 410 Polynamel – to be sold and used as you wish. What’s more, our Graphic Designers will work with you to customise it further with your own branding and artwork.


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Polynamel™ has undergone extensive comparison testing, ensuring it meets the tough demands of an Australian climate. Noteworthy features of the 410 Polynamel range include:

  • Extensive comparison testing confirms the performance Paintdirect™ Polynamel is an excellent quick dry Finish.
  • Bloom Resistance: Excellent resistance to blooming.
  • Abrasion Resistance: Good resistance to abrasion.
  • Weather Resistance: Excellent performance with exterior exposure.
  • Chemical Resistance: Good splash resistance to chemicals.
  • Solvent: Resists alcohol and mineral turpentine. Film is liable to attach from other strong solvents.
  • Acid/Alkali: Not recommended where fumes, splash or spillage of acids/alkali may occur.
  • Heat: Performs in temperatures up to 100? (dry heat).
  • Salts: Withstands splash and spillage of neutral salts only.
  • Water: resists rain and condensation. Not recommended for permanently damp or immersed exposure.
  • Abrasion: Good resistance to abrasion.
  • *Performance ratings are relative to the performance of quality quick dry enamels.


Paintirect Aerosols are being used in many industries


Where is it being used?

Paintdirect’s Polynamel is being used all around Australia, primarily in the Automotive, Agricultural, Mining, Engineering and Aerospace industries. It is widely used and trusted as Australia’s premier coating.

To find out more about customised labelling and colours, contact your Evic representative, or call on 1800 761 761.


Paintdirect Custom Aerosol Cans and Repeatable Colours