Cracked Ice Surface Tops and Splashbacks

Cracked Ice - Surface and Splashbacks

This hot new design concept is appearing all over the globe at the moment.

The design consists of five layers as follows: non-toughened glass, resin, toughened glass, resin, non-toughened glass or mirror. First the glass must be cut to size, then first two glass layers are laminated together using resin. This is then left for curing for several days before the last glass and resin layer are applied.

Once this “sandwich” is cured, the product is ready for edge finish. While the top and bottom layer of non-toughened glass edges can be filed down endlessly, the middle layer of toughened glass edges can only be polished for a few millimetres before the toughened glass shatters. This spectacular effect is then captured between two pieces of glass.

Amazing? Definitely. Timeless? You be the judge.