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Configuring the Automatic and Manual Stirring methods

Your XpressTint machine can be set to stir on a certain time every day, or you can set it to stir in manual intervals. Both modes are particularly useful for different application techniques. You can decide which mode you’d like to set it to at any time, by following the simple steps below.

Your XpressTint machine is set in MANUAL mode by default. This means every time you need to stir the paint, simply push and hold the Timer button for 2 seconds, and then release it to start the stirring. XpressTint will begin stirring, and automatically switch off in 15 minutes at the end of the sequence. See the video below.

For many people, AUTOMATIC mode may be preferable. It automatically operates at a set time of the day for 15 minutes, twice a day.

The turn on AUTOMATIC mode, XpressTint will memorise your first initialisation, meaning you have to start the initialisation on the time you want it to automatically come on. In other words, if you want the machine to automatically begin stirring at 8:00am every day, then you have to start the following procedure at 8:00am in the morning.

Keep in mind that there will be a second stirring cycle, 6 hours after the first one.

  • Press and hold the STOP key
  • Wait until the indicator light flashes orange before releasing the STOP key
  • Press the START key for at least 1 second. The indicator light will then flash red for 10 seconds. XpressTint will then learn to do the first cycle at this time every day.
  • The second operating cycle will take place automatically, 6 hours after the beginning of the first cycle, (or 5hrs 45min after the end of the first cycle).

Each AUTOMATIC startup of the machine is preceded by the indicator light flashing red for 10 seconds.

Please note, manually starting the machine will not interrupt the automated sequence you have just set up.

The blinking green indicator light, shows that the equipment is in AUTOMATIC mode.

To return to MANUAL mode perform the same operation when switching to AUTOMATIC mode:

  • Press and hold the STOP key
  • Wait until the indicator light flashes orange before releasing the STOP key
  • Press the START key for at least 1 second. The indicator light should become permanently green, indicating a successful return to MANUAL mode.

In case of a mains power cut:

When the mains power is restored, the motor will automatically start after the indicator light has flashed for 10 seconds. Note: XpressTint will start up in MANUAL mode after a power cut. If you wish to use XpressTint in manual operation you will need to start the AUTOMATIC initialisation again.

Timer inaccuracies may cause the agitation cycles to be slightly offset over time. It is a good idea to reinitialise the AUTOMATIC process if required.