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901 Evaseal Floorcoat

901 Evaseal is designed for sealing and impregnation of concrete and timber, especially useful for sealing stencil-crete driveways.

With roughly twice as much solids as compared with other clear sealers, 901 is an extra-tough polyurethane which protects stencil concrete and fresh concrete from disintegration in diverse areas such as driveways, factories, production halls and food processing plants.

It also imparts exceptional protection to timber floors in domestic and commercial environments.

Twice the Solids Means Twice the Wear. When comparing polyurethane sealers, it is beneficial to remember that once applied and the solvent has been released, all that remains is the “solids”. The solids impart the specific resistance characteristics of the coating.

By volume, Evaseal is 43% solids. Most other equivalent sealing products struggle to reach 20%. They’re thinner – and you can notice when you apply them. With increased solids, Evaseal 901 offers longer wear and durability against traffic and the elements while retaining surface integrity.

901 Evaseal is an extra-tough, full polyurethane which protects floors from attack and disintegration in factories, warehouses, production halls, food processing plants, cellars and areas in the chemical industry. Also ideal for long-life finishing of timber and cork floors.

Suitable for interior use only – will yellow if used externally.

• Single component application

• Excellent adhesion and penetration

• Excellent chemical and solvent resistance

• Excellent degree of hardness and abrasion resistance

• Fast curing

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