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410 Polynamel

With outstanding exterior durability and excellent gloss retention, Paintdirect Polynamel is a unique premium coating – with no time limit on recoat – petrol & diesel resistance. Use as a Single Pack or add 410 Hardener and create 410 Plus, with extra Gloss, hardness & durability. Paintdirect™ 410 Polynamel Fleet Finish is the ideal coating for earth moving, transport, trailers, agricultural equipment and industrial machinery. Suitable for structural steel which require longer exterior durability than standard Q.D. Finishes

Part of the Paintdirect – Auto*Truck*Bus* Ag Machinery™ range and designed and built on Evic Groups own Polyester Enamel resin system. 410 includes a full range of colours, including custom colours in 1L, 4L, 20L Packs & Aerosols.

410 Polynamel is Xpress Tint Compatible for in-house colour creation, and uses a complete range of “Colour Bases” producing high covering, clean & bright lead free industrial colours.

410 Polynamel is available in Bulk & Aerosols.

• High Gloss – Excellent gloss finish directly off the gun.

• Outstanding Exterior Durability – Unlike most enamels, it has superior resistance to UV exposure and will maintain it’s gloss when the other Q.D. single packs have failed.

• No time limits on recoating – 410 Polynamel is easy to apply and recoat – any time!

• Fast Dry – Quick turnaround time in application means less waiting.

SINGLE PACK Use 410 Polynamel as is for a durable quick dry gloss finish

GLAZE COAT Apply 1 coat of 410 Polynamel the finish with a second Coat of Paintdirect 350 X3 Glaze Coat. X3 Glaze coat is a highly durable clear glaze which will further enhance the gloss, chemical resistance and exterior durability. Please Note, 350XE Glaze is not water clear and is therefore not suitable for white or pale pastel colours.

410+ HARDENER 410 plus Hardener can be used to covert 410 Polynamel to a 2 Pack coating. Simply add1 part of 410+ Hardener to 10 parts 410G and appreciate the additional richness of gloss, chemical resistance, hardness (approx 20% increase) and durability.

Fleet including; Earthmoving, Transport, Trailers, Agricultural Equipment, Machinery, Steel structures & Industrial Finishing.

With excellent gloss and exterior resistance – no time limit on recoat – Paintdirect Polynamel™ 410 and 410 plus are ideal coating for industrial machinery and equipment as well as structural steel.

As part of the Paintdirect™ Auto*Truck*Bus*AG Machinery range, it is recommended for use in conjunction with Single Pack Primers.

146e Light grey, 147e White,148e Black,149e Buff, Etch & Protect Primer

240p Light grey, 245p Red Oxide, Rust Stop Steel Zinc Phosphate Primer.

260p Grey Rapid Dry Sanding Primer-Filler.

If Required 410 & 410 plus can be used over Paintdirect’s 2 Pack FLEET Primer;

952 Two Pack High Build Primer Filler available in Mustard, Grey, White & Black.

Paintdirect 410 Polynamel all colours Lead Free; 1L, 4L, 20L and 300g Aerosols. Huge colour range including a “small quantity” packing of personal colour matches or customers colours

350 X3 Glaze Coat Clear; 1L, 4L, 20L and Aerosols.

Paintdirect 410+ Hardener (mix 1 part to 10 parts 410) 100mL, 500mL, 1L.


Spray Application, Hand Gun Thin approx 20-30%, Airless Gun approx 10%

220S Quick Dry Enamel Thinner; 1L, 4L, 20L

Ideal for spray application.

620S Medium Industrial Thinner; 1L, 4L, 20L

Ideal for mid size to large equipment where longer wet edge is required.

850S Medium Polyurethane Thinner; 1L, 4L, 20L

Evic Groups pure 850S Thinner is ideal for large fleet equipment or during hot

during hot and humid exterior application where extra open time and wet edge is required

340S Electrostatic Thinner; 1L, 4L, 20L

Ideal for tuning 410 to the correct polarity for good electrostatic application and paint wrap.


Spray Application, Hand Gun, Thin approx 20-30%, Airless Gun approx 10%

Preferred Thinner 350S Thinner; 1L, 4L, 20L

if unavailable 220S & 620S can be used.

Extensive comparison testing confirms the performance Paintdirect Polynamel is an excellent quick dry Finish.

Bloom Resistance: Excellent resistance to blooming.

Abrasion Resistance: Good resistance to abrasion.

Weather Resistance: Excellent performance with exterior exposure.

Chemical Resistance: Good splash resistance to chemicals.

Solvent: Resists alcohol and mineral turpentine. Film is liable to attack from other strong solvents.

Acid/Alkali: Not recommended where fumes, splash or spillage of acids/alkali may occur.

Heat: Performs in temperatures up to 100ºC (dry heat).

Salts: Withstands splash and spillage of neutral salts only.

Diesel: Good splash resistance to diesel.

Water: resists rain and condensation. Not recommended for permanently damp or immersed exposure.

Abrasion: Good resistance to abrasion.

*Performance ratings are relative to the performance of quality quick dry enamels.

Volume Solids: 40% ± 2

VISCOSITY: 50-60 seconds in F4 cup

Wet Film Thickness: 70-90 microns

Dry Film Thickness: 25-35 microns per coat (not to exceed 30-40?m per coat)

Application by conventional or airless spray gun is recommended, however a brush may be used for small areas.

Conventional Spray: Quality Spay Gun with 1.7mm-2.0mm tip ( or equivalent). Air pressure approximately 275-310kPa (40-45psi).

Airless Spray: Use heavy-duty airless spray with 11 to 15 thou plus tip. Reduce thinning to approx 10%

Pressure Pot: Set pot pressure at 55kPa (8psi) and maintain gun air pressure at approximately 275kPa (40psi).

70 standard industrial colours and virtually unlimited range of Agriculture, Earth Moving, Machinery & Equipment colours also available- Paintdirect Polynamel is the ideal 1K coating for fleet, industrial machinery and equipment as well as structural steel.

Colour Bases All Bright and Deep Colours in the 410 Range are made from Evic Groups unique Premium High Opacity Colour Base range. This ensures good to outstanding opacity in the most difficult colours including Bright Yellows, Lime Greens, Orange & Reds – all totally Lead Free

Polynamel Colour Bases include;

Black, Blue, Blue Marine, Brown Red, Coffee, Green, Grey, Lime, Marigold, Ochre, Orange, Red, Violet, White, Yellow.

Paintdirect Polynamel is Xpress Tint compatible for in-house colour creation and matching.

NOTE: ALL Paintdirect Polynamel Colours are produced with especially selected Lead Free pigments

Touch Dry 10-15 minutes

Time to Handling 15-20 hours

Time to Recoat There are no time restrictions on recoating with 410G with itself or 350 X3 Glaze Coat

If Over-Coating with X3 Glaze Coat, where possible, if over night dry is allow before applying 350 X3 a slightly deeper gloss can be achieved.

When using 410+ Hardener refer to section: Mixing & Using 410+ Hardener for slight variation to drying & pot life information.

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410 Material Safefty Data Sheet 410 Material Safefty Data Sheet