410 Polynamel Protective Coating – Holding Strong in the toughest Australian conditions

410 Polynamel Protective Coatings Snow Plow Equipment at Thredbo

410 Polynamel are the preferred Protective Coatings for earth moving, transport, trailers, agricultural equipment and industrial machinery around Australia. We regularly see 410 Polynamel on trips around the country, often hiding in plain sight, so it wasn’t unusual on a recent trip to Thredbo to see the toughest Australian protective coatings used on the toughest Australian machinery.

Caterpillar Wheel Loaders are used in landscaping, agricultural, construction, waste management, forestry, mining applications as well as plowing snow in the harshest environments Australia has to offer – so 410 Polynamel Protective Coatings is a natural choice.

With outstanding exterior durability and excellent gloss retention, Paintdirect Polynamel is a unique premium coating – with no time limit on recoat – petrol & diesel resistance. Use as a Single Pack or add 410 Hardener and create 410 Plus, with extra Gloss, hardness & durability. Paintdirect™ 410 Polynamel Fleet Finish is the ideal coating for earth moving, transport, trailers, agricultural equipment, and industrial machinery. Suitable for structural steel which requires longer exterior durability than standard Q.D. Finishes Part of the Paintdirect – Auto*Truck*Bus* Ag Machinery™ range and designed and built on Evic Groups own Polyester Enamel resin system. 410 includes a full range of colours, including custom colours in 1L, 4L, 20L Packs & Aerosols.