Tyvek Disposable Spray Suits
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Tyvek Disposable Spray Suits

Upon my wanderings at Evic I come across some unusual circumstances every now and then. Today I was fortunate enough to witness one of my colleagues spill his coffee everywhere as he was coming out of the kitchen. As glorious as this moment is for some people, my now nervous colleague, (acutely aware of the […]

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734 Primer – the latest in 2K polyurethane pigmented primer for MDF

734 Primer is Evic’s latest development in 2K polyurethane pigmented primer for MDF substrates. In short, 734 delivers faster, easier, and higher quality finishing. “Black-lines” are almost eliminated by this primer – outstanding sharp edge coverage is combined with excellent resistance to sand throughs, significantly reducing the number of repaints. This primer even resists sand […]