Now Delivering in Style
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Now Delivering in Style…

  Just wanted to stop in to show off one of our new vans. That’s all. Inside will be decked out top to bottom, (literally – every wall is covered!), with some of our most popular tools for demonstrations and deliveries. When the van is fitted out, we’ll post more pics! #BraggingRights.

Why Choose an Evic 2 Pac Polyurethane Kitchen
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Why choose a Polyurethane Kitchen?

Why choose a Polyurethane Kitchen? When comparing durability and resistance – as well as exceptional good looks – nothing lasts like an Evic polyurethane kitchen. Polyurethane is a highly durable and prestige choice for kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. It not only looks great, it is exceptionally resistant to conditions normally found in kitchens and bathrooms […]