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500mL Anti-Chip Aerosol Over-paintable

$9.40 ex. GST

Car-Rep® Stone Chip offers economical protection plus paintability, moisture resistance, corrosions resistance, and a durable rubberized finish. It forms aresistant elastic protective coat against stone chipping. It is also suitable for use as a damping substance in wheel cases and chassis bottoms.



Excellent corrosion protection Remains elastic for a long time Insulates noise
Excellent adhesion

Can be over painted
Resistant against effects of weather
Resistant against weak acids and solvents Cleaning: fresh material with solvent, dry material mechanically


(at 20°C, 50% relative air humidity):
Dust-dry: after approx. 30 minutes
Tack-free: after approx. 60 minutes
Over paintable: after approx. 2 hour
The drying time depends on surrounding temperature, air humidity and thickness of the applied coat.

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$9.40 $8.90 $8.40 $7.90
$9.40 $8.90 $8.40 $7.90
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