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  • FESTOOL RS100CQ 5mm Orbital
    $840.91 ex. GST

    The master of flat surfaces for coarse sanding.

    Festool’s RS 100 gear-driven sander with reduction gearing has been designed for heavy-duty material removal. Its 5mm sanding stroke makes it the perfect tool for sanding. The sander is covered by Festool’s comprehensive 3-year warranty. [more]

    Cleverly designed so that all switches are easily accessible with one hand, its balanced centre of gravity and side handle mean you can work all day on vertical surfaces without tiring. The high-strength MPE plastic sanding pad and magnesium sanding base guarantee a perfect finish and long service life, and plug-it cable attachment means that cable breaks no longer cause delays in work.

    • Power consumption : 620 W
    • Speed : 6300 min¹
    • Connection Ø d/e : 27 mm
    • Sanding stroke : 5 mm
    • Interchangeable sanding pad size : 115 x 225 mm
    CODE TYPE 1 Each
    Prices quoted are per unit and exclude GST.
  • Festool-150mm 3mm & 5mm Random Orbital Sander
    $522.73 ex. GST

    The ETS 150/3 is a favorite for fine sanding and extra-fine sanding, producing an excellent surface finish with a short 1/8” (3.0 mm) stroke. The ETS 150/5, with a 3/16” (5.0 mm) stroke, is perfect for light sanding or intermediate sanding. Both feature a rubberized top grip, ergonomic handle, finger tip switch and vibration-stop balancing to reduce the discomfort normally associated with sanding.[more]

    Jetstream dust extraction improves the surface finish by removing dust particles as they are generated, while at the same time, prolonging pad and abrasive life. With soft-start, step-less speed controls, and constant speed under load, these sanders perform on a level that you are not likely to have experienced.

    CODE TYPE 1 Each
    Prices quoted are per unit and exclude GST.
  • Rupes-1/2 Sheet 5mm Orbital sander
    $16.46$734.00 ex. GST

    The SSPF 5mm Orbital Sander is a heavy duty half sheet orbital sander designed for finishing jobs and preparing various surfaces for priming and painting. A high performance sander due to a large diameter orbit and an offset gear drive that produces continuous torque under load. Special air intake filter to ensure clean cool air on the motor which reduces maintenance and extends service life.

    Fitted with connection for vacuum dust extraction.

    [more]Excellent balance and front handle grip for ease of operation and control.

    Quality strong paper clamps with replaceable rubber insert for easy, quick and secure replacement of paper.

    It is designed for aggressive work such as heavy stock removal in Woodworking and Panel Beating industries.


    Speed 6,000 rpm
    Orbit Size 5mm
    Size(LxH) 295mmx220mm(6″)
    Pad Size 115 x 208mm
    Weight 3.6kg
    Power 350W
    CODE TYPE 1 Each
    Prices quoted are per unit and exclude GST.
  • RO150 FEQ 150mm Rotex Sander
    $877.27 ex. GST

    ROTEX FEQ Orbital. “Yes, we've redesigned the sander. Again.”

    The Rotex RO150 changes effortlessly from coarse sanding, to fine sanding, to polishing. 720 Watts of power means the RO150 can take on any job. Yet its 2.2kg frame (5lb) frame, minimal vibration and superior ergonomic design make it so easy to work with.


    Connection Ø 27mm
    Speed (ops) 3,300 – 6,800
    Pad Diametre 160mm (6″)
    Rotary Speed (rpm) 320 – 660
    Power 720watts
    Weight 2.3 kg
    Sanding Stroke 5mm/3.6mm

    Prices quoted are per unit and exclude GST.
  • Festool ETS125EQ | RTS400EQ | DTS400EQ Orbital Sanders
    $500.00 ex. GST

    These sanders are well-suited for a wide range of one-handed applications and great all rounders, the RTS 400 is ideal for working on flat, vertical, and overhead surfaces because of its compact design and weight of only 1.1kgs. The DTS 400 is designed for fine sanding small, angular surfaces that are difficult to reach.

    CODE TYPE 1 Each
    Prices quoted are per unit and exclude GST.
  • Rupes-200mm Planetary Sander
    $13.92$927.00 ex. GST

    The EK 200 A Planetary Sander has a forced rotation tool with new gearing technology specifically designed for the fast removal of stock. It allows surfaces to be smoother and prepared directly for subsequent finishing operations saving intermediate steps.
    The combination of the powerful 550W motor and planetary gearing produces high torque under load.
    The connection for external dust extraction systems is equipped with a flow regulation valve for controlling the suction effect which improves the user control of the tool. This is essential for the larger 200mm Pad.[more]


    Speed: 500 rpm
    Orbit Size: 5mm
    Size(LxH): 340mm x 130mm
    Pad Size: 200mm
    Weight: 2.5kg
    Power: 550W
    Variable Speed: NO
    Shaft locking button: YES

    CODE TYPE 1 Each
    Prices quoted are per unit and exclude GST.
  • Rupes – 150mm ER03TE 3mm & ER0TE 5mm Orbitals

    Rupes 150mm Orbitals –  Power, ergonomics and excellent balance are the key features of this new generation of sanders.

    ER03TE – 3mm orbit makes it suitable for the finishing of glazed surfaces and final finishing.

    ER05TE – 5mm orbit makes it suitable for the preparation of surfaces and intermediate smoothing operations.

    Specification [more]

    Speed: 5000 – 10,000 rpm
    Orbit: ER03TE 3mm  ER05TE 5mm
    Pad Size: 150mm
    Weight: 2.1kg
    Power: 450W
    Variable Speed: Yes

    Fitted with the new patented Direct Flow 6 8 1 Velcro pad which enables it to be used with all types of paper (7, 9, & 15 hole).
    – These sanders  are particularly suitable for industrial bodyshop & paintshop, centres because of their power and resistance


    CODE TYPE 1 Each
  • Rupes – 150mm ER153TE 3mm & ER155TE 5mm Orbitals
    $580.00 ex. GST

    The new ergonomic handle with integrated and retractable switch enable access to speed regulation without loosing grip on the tool. New rubber top cover for comfortable and safe grip. Orbit diameter printed in the top cover to choose always the right tool for the application.

    Specification [more]

    Power 310 W
    Orbit 3mm & 5mm
    Speed (rpm) 4,000 – 10,000
    Backing Pad 150 mm
    Weight 1.5 kg
    Connection Ø29mm
    Variable Speed

    CODE TYPE 1 Each
    Prices quoted are per unit and exclude GST.