Guide to Colour – Our Colour Matching Service and You

Evic's Guide to Colour

Matching colours is more art than science. In 25 years experience, this is what we’ve learnt…

We are passionate about your colours.

We want to give you the right colour every time. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to our colour matching services. It details how you can get the colours you require as accurately, quickly and efficiently as possible.

Precision comes from experience.

When you deal in polyurethane, accurate colour matching is essential. Why deal with a company that will not take responsibility for a poor match? If by any chance a match we have done is not precise enough for your needs, please contact us before you use it. Don’t get caught out!

There are variables to colour matching that we can’t control.

Most people don’t realise just how many variables and difficulties there are to colour matching colours.

Variations between samples, colour name changes, different colour standards, and things such as metamerism, all affect our ability to successfully provide you a requested colour.

This guide equips you with the information you need about these issues – so you’re never liable for an incorrect colour.

Domestic and Industrial colours require less precision than matches for furniture.

This booklet generally applies only to Evic’s colour furniture range. Since our domestic and Campbell’s Industrial paint colours are only made to specific colour standards, they do not usually require the precision matches that we provide for furniture polyurethane’s, although initial Campbell’s colour matches are treated the same.

Guide to Colour is what you need to know about the art we call “Colour Matching”.


Before you paint or spray, always check the colour swatch provided with your can.

Use the complimentary colour swatch to confirm the accuracy of our colour match against your job, colour card, sample or which ever article you wanted matched.

For initial or new colour standards we seek a good commercial match; the absolute closeness is dependent on our considerations to improve opacity, durability and cost. With repeat colours or matches to painted panels only the colour can be considered.

If you are unsure about the colour yourself ask your customer to confirm it is suitable for the project.

This step is vital to ensure you have the exact colour you require. If for any reason the colour is not acceptable, contact the Evic Group before use.

It is your responsibility to ensure any colour we provide is correct before you use it. We will not accept liability for any colour once it has been applied.
TIP: The Evic Colour Swatch is an excellent reference. It includes such detail as the colour code, colour name, date of supply and invoice number.

Keeping the colour swatch with your job records will make it easy for you to re-order colours.



Don’t assume that your colour cards, decks, swatches and samples are all accurate.
It’s true.

The most common mistake people make choosing colours is trusting that colour cards, colour decks, swatches and colour samples are always the same.

They’re not. Individual colour cards do vary from batch to batch. Some colours are even altered and then reused on different cards – and these charts can be supplied by the same company.

Some manufacturers release a newer version of the same colour each year. Even colour card/sample names or paint chip numbers cannot always guarantee you precision, as they can change too.

Therefore… if a critical match is required, it is necessary to supply us with the sample that you want us to match.

Anything less, may not be close enough.




Use the EVIC COLOUR CODE and NAME for repeatable, consistent colour.

An accurate record of all your orders is kept on computer for quick reference and ordering convenience.

Regardless of how many colours you order, each one is assigned a unique colour code, name and cross-reference, making it easy for us to find when you want it again.
This way you can be sure that when you place an order using the Evic-assigned Colour Code and Name, you will get a pre-checked repeat of the original colour – every time.

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