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853/859 Texture Finishes

Vinyltex™ is part of the amazing Spraythane 850 family, Vinyltex™ 853 brings speed and texture together.

The Spraythane™ range combines the fastest curing times available with a vast working temperature range, three gloss levels and textures, with the world’s most sophisticated colour matching system. All this in an easy to use system that spray painters, kitchen makers and shopfitters have loved since 1985.

And if you’re a designer or specifier, you’ll love the range of colours – more than 40,000 electronically recorded and growing. See Specifying Colour for more information on what colour ranges are available.


Vinyltex™ adds a new dimension to surface finishing. With the added attraction of texture, the range of two finishes (853 Vinylte and 859 Computex) offers unique opportunities for designers and specifiers.

Fast curing, Vinyltex™ and Computex™ offer the applicator fast turnaround and minimal preparation. The addition of texture decreases preparation time by obsuring surface imperfections and dust that would normally detract from a conventional finish.


Think a fast-curing polyurethane will boil in tropical summers? Think again. As part of the Spraythane family, Vinyltex™ was initially designed for use in a Queensland summer under some of the most extreme conditions on the planet.

Combine these design requirements with three Part B hardeners that further extend working temperatures, and you have a product that is effective from just under 10°C to more than 35°C and high humidity.


Thousands of applicators can’t be wrong. With a simple 3:1 mixing ratio and no required thinning, Vinyltex™ has benefited by countless hours of laboratory testing to increase usability and application. If you want to waste less time mixing and applying product, Vinyltex™ is the textured choice of professionals.


While Vinyltex™ and Computex™ offer the texture, 850 Spraythane offers the traditional solid colours in three gloss levels with the same application features and set of hardeners. The classic Gloss finish (95-100% gloss level) exhibits excellent gloss and definition of image at blinding speed while the Satin (55-65%) and Matt finishes (25-35%) offer the same exceptional features and speed with the allure of a flatter surface.